Planetariums are domed theatres that project the starry sky and countless spectacular objects we find in our universe, creating educational experiences that teach astronomy and other sciences. Thus, planetarium is an effective tool for students to grasp various astronomical concepts and in creating keen interest and spark enjoyment in this interesting branch of science. A Mobile Digital Planetarium is a portable educational van reaching door-step of the rural schools.

A pilot study of Mobile Planetarium has completed sussessfully on 23rd December 2016 for rural high school students in Chikkaballapura District.

​ ​Mobile PlanetariumPlanetrium​​

Now, the five (5) Mobile Planetariums are operationalised in Govt. high schools of five revenue divisions of the State viz., Bengaluru, Mysuru, Belagavi-1, Belagavi-2 and Kalburgi.